Fire Extinguishers For Lithium Batteries – FAQs

What are Lithium-Ion Battery fire extinguishers?

Lithium-Ion Battery fire extinguishers are specialist extinguishers that are designed to stop infant Lithium-ion battery fires fast. As the number of commercial and industrial goods powered by Lithium-Ion batteries increases, so does the potential fire risk. Lithium-ion batteries are found in computers, cars, and devices, to name just a few. Therefore, Lithium-Ion Battery fire extinguishers have been designed to tackle small fires that can be put out before they become full-scale fires.

What sectors are they most suitable for?

There is a multitude of sectors that can benefit from the extinguishers as many industrial and commercial use lithium batteries across a broad range of devices and applications. Francis Fire can supply, commission, and install Lithium-Ion Battery fire extinguishers for schools, warehouses, factories, dance studios, logistics, waste and recycling, and many other sectors. The extinguishers are suited to confined spaces where fires need to be suppressed in their infancy
before developing into fully established fires.

Are there additional accessories that come with the extinguishers?

Yes, of course. Additional accessories include battery fire blankets which provide safe storage and protection in transit. Fire-resistant containers are also available which provide Safe storage and transit of Lithium-ion battery packs, fireworks, and flammable chemicals. Furthermore, suppression kits are also available – small and large – which help reduce the risk of explosion after the fire has been extinguished and provides safe storage.

Where are Lithium-Ion Batteries found?

Lithium-Ion Batteries are found in several devices and applications including laptops, phones, cars, forklift trucks, factory equipment, power tools, and more. With technology ever-evolving, Lithium batteries are commonly found in most business premises. Fire hazards from Lithium batteries can be caused by physical impact, overheating, internal cell failure, short circuits, or manufacturing defects.
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