Sometimes, it simply isn’t an option to compromise on aesthetics. For settings including boutique hotels, contemporary offices or luxurious eateries, Francis Fire supplies a stunning range of fire extinguishers to complement the very finest interiors.

Available in Polished Gold, Stainless Steel and Antique Copper and with an exquisite finish, the Contempo fire extinguishers are perfect for areas where appearance is important. Explore our wide range of Contempo Fire Extinguishers below and get in touch with us today if you require a comprehensive supply, commissioning and installation service from Francis Fire.


Contempo Fire Extinguishers – FAQs

Which are the best to buy?

All Polished, Antique and Stainless Steel Contempo Range Fire Extinguishers can be supplied by Francis Fire Protection – but which is the right type of extinguisher for you? This can depend largely on the type of premises. For example, if you’re fitting out a stately home, we highly recommend the Polished Contempo Extinguishers. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an extinguisher that can complement contemporary commercial interiors, you may want to consider the antique style.

What are the features of the Polished Contempo Style?

The polished Contempo extinguishers are a luxury style extinguisher and are perfect for fitting out a stately home, palace or castle. Moreover, Polished Contempo extinguishers are also electro-plated and provide a stunning mirror finish with matching polished gold tubular stands and ID signs. There are a wide range of different types to choose from including the 2KG CO2 Polished Gold, Single Tubular Extinguisher Stand Polished Gold, and the 6KG Powder Polished Extinguisher.

What are the features of the Antique Copper Contempo Style?

The Antique Copper Contempo style of extinguisher is the perfect choice for modern bars and restaurants and they integrate perfectly with already existing commercial interiors. The Antique Copper style boasts class in its appearance and catches the eye. This style and type of extinguisher also comes with matching brushed antique copper tubular stands and ID signs. Although this style oozes class, there is no compromise on safety and meeting industry standards. But of course, that should go without saying!

What are the features of the Stainless Steel?

If you’re looking for a type of fire extinguisher for even the harshest of environments, you may want to consider the stainless steel style. As well as being extremely strong, the stainless steel type is also aesthetically pleasing and is therefore particularly ideal within commercial premises where appearance is also important.