With one of the widest ranges available on the market today, CommanderEDGE is firmly established as the market leader.

The range is fully Kitemarked by BSI across the range, and is the choice of the professional with its reassuring mixture of performance, quality and value.

Commander Fire Extinguishers – FAQs

Why choose Commander Edge Extinguishers?

Commander Edge Fire Extinguishers are an incredibly popular choice for multiple premises and buildings including care homes, private practices, hospitals, and schools. Commander EDGE is a specialist range from the Commander family of extinguishers and offers a number of different types of extinguishers including; Commander Edge CO2 extinguishers, Commander Edge Foam extinguishers, and Commander Edge Powder extinguishers.

Which is the most suitable type of Commander Edge extinguisher?

We would first need to understand more about your type and size of building before we could propose the most suitable type of Commander Edge Fire Extinguisher(s). For example, if electrical fires are what you are at most risk from, you will benefit from CO2 Commander Edge Fire Extinguishers. If your property is most at risk from potential fires because of flammable liquids, it’s likely that you need Foam Commander Edge Fire Extinguishers. Get in touch today, and we will be happy to offer our expertise.

What are the further features and benefits?

The Commander Edge range offers several features and benefits which make their fire extinguishers a market-leader. Firstly, Commander Edge extinguishers come with a five-year warranty and bear the BSI Kitemark (which clearly demonstrates that the product meets applicable standards for quality, safety, trust, and performance here in the United Kingdom. This is a market-leader in fire extinguishers and all types boast reliability and high-performance. The range includes industry-leading models such as MultiChem.

Why choose Francis Fire?

Francis Fire are your Google 5-star rated experts in fire extinguisher installation and servicing. We have years of experience when it comes to supply and installing all types of Commander Edge fire extinguishers. Our engineers install for a wide range of small to medium-sized businesses including retail outlets, office blocks, and other commercial premises.

Francis Fire are your Google 5-star rated fire extinguisher company that supply, commission, and install a wide range of Commander extinguishers. We are able to install and service these types of extinguishers at a multitude of different business premises and properties for SMEs including care homes, retail outlets, offices, and other commercial and industrial premises.