Looking for high-quality commander extinguishers?

With one of the widest ranges available on the market today, Commander is firmly established as a true market leader. Time has proved these portable fire extinguishers as a dependable choice for almost any situation, and reliable performance is guaranteed.

Check out our different categories and products below including Commander Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers, Commander Water Fire Extinguishers, and Commander Powder Fire Extinguishers. Our wide range ensures that we can supply and install extinguishers to meet different fire classes.

When you purchase Commander fire extinguisher(s), you can be sure that you’re investing in a proven and well established product that is very well-known in the industry and meets all current legislations. Our Commander Fire Extinguishers also come with Commander Stands, and other essential fire safety equipment.


Commander Fire Extinguishers – FAQs

Why choose Commander Fire Extinguishers?

Commander Fire Extinguishers are well-established products and manufactured in-line with British Standards. Commander Fire Extinguishers are built to last and are particularly ideal for harsher environments. These extinguishers are largely available as portable extinguishers and are a dependable choice for many different types of business premises.

What types of Commander fire extinguishers are available?

When you choose Francis Fire for these types of extinguishers, you benefit from having a plethora of options to select from. Different Commander extinguishers available include Wet Chemical, Foam, Water, and Powder extinguishers. Moreover, we also have the additional CommanderEdge range which is fully kitemarked by BSI across the range, and is the choice of the professional with its reassuring mixture of performance, quality and value.

What are the further features and benefits?

The Commander range is built to last and are therefore particularly ideal for harsh environments as they also offer a corrosion-resistant finish. Moreover, they are also easy to service annually from fire extinguisher servicing companies just like Francis Fire. When you select an extinguisher from the Commander range, you are absolutely guaranteed a mixture of value for money, quality, and reliable performance. Many of these extinguishers are also well-backed up with a 5-year guarantee.

Why choose Francis Fire?

Francis Fire are your 5-star Google rated fire extinguisher company that supply, commission and install a wide range of Commander extinguishers. We are able to install and service these types of extinguishers at a multitude of different business premises and properties for SME’s including care homes, retail outlets, offices, and other commercial and industrial premises.

Francis Fire are able to supply, install and commission gold fire extinguishers across Staffordshire, Cheshire, and the surrounding counties. We mainly work with small to medium-sized businesses including care homes, retail outlets, schools, offices, and other commercial and industrial premises.