Fire Extinguishers Whitchurch

Looking for fire extinguisher installation or servicing in Whitchurch? Look no further because Francis Fire have the complete package. From quality products to knowledgeable staff and exceptional customer service. It’s no wonder we have over eighty 5-star Google reviews and counting! Our 24+ years in the industry mean we have helped hundreds of businesses have peace of mind knowing they are protected and fully compliant. We’ve also seen it all, pretty much, and can cope with most types of buildings or layouts and still ensure the best protection. We take the time to discuss your requirements, taking into account the type of business, size of premises, and number of staff to ensure your extinguishers meet the needs of your fire safety risk assessment and The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Whatever the size, from a single office with one extinguisher to a medium-sized establishment with numerous equipment, we can cater for all. Give us a call today on 01270 361209 or fill in our contact form to chat with a friendly member of our team.

fire extinguishers whitchurch

Fire Extinguisher Installations Whitchurch

We offer friendly advice and support along with a professional service to ensure businesses in Whitchurch are up to date, compliant and safe when it comes to their fire extinguishers. Everything we do, from the products we supply to the installation process, is in line with British Standards BS5306-3 & 8 so you can feel confident that you and your staff are in safe hands.

We regularly install foam extinguishers, water extinguishers, CO2 (carbon dioxide) extinguishers and multi-use extinguishers across various industries such as healthcare, education, retail and commercial. Fire extinguishers are a vital part of any fire safety plan and are required by law in all commercial or industrial buildings. Failure to ensure full compliance with fire safety regulations will most likely lead to prosecution, a sizeable fine or custodial sentence when lives are at stake, so don’t delay, get in touch today on 01270 361209 for honest advice and reputable service.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing Whitchurch

Fire extinguishers aren’t there to just look safe; they need to perform in a time of need. Imagine reaching for one in an emergency only to realise it isn’t working. How long would you try and get it to work before you gave up? For example, a small paper bin fire which could be easily extinguished with a suitable and working extinguisher has then developed into a room on fire, potentially jeopardising your escape! How many precious minutes would be wasted? And what might the consequences be? This situation is easily avoided with regular annual servicing, and failure to do so may result in heavy prosecution, so don’t put it off.

Francis Fire offers comprehensive servicing with considerate pricing because we want to know that you and your staff are fully protected. We will teach you how to perform monthly checks yourselves that may identify any problems before it’s too late.

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Here at Francis Fire, we are proud to be your 5-star Google rated fire extinguisher company with over 24+ years’ experience in the industry. We have successfully installed and serviced many fire extinguishers within the area of Whitchurch, and also its surrounding areas too.

Francis Fire are also able to supply a wide range of fire safety equipment including fire extinguishers, fire safety accessories, fire safety signage, and fire safety equipment. Check out our fire safety equipment page by clicking here.

When you choose our team for fire extinguisher servicing, you can expect a thorough and comprehensive job done. Fire extinguisher servicing typically consists of checking numerous safety critical elements, replacing consumable parts, and re-certifying them. If any repairs or replacements are required, we’ll also let you know straight away.

We are extremely proud of the dozens of 5-star Google reviews that we’ve collected over the last few years, and they continue to grow by the week. Check out our latest testimonials by clicking here.

We are able to install fire extinguishers and provide fire extinguisher servicing throughout Cheshire and the surrounding counties.

Fire Risk Assessments - office interior

Get the appropriate level of fire safety protection for your shop, warehouse, factory or office.

Please call 01270 361209 or email to find out how to increase fire safety in your workplace.

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Incredible Service!

Incredible service. Wayne was fantastic and is very knowledgeable. Will definitely use his service again when needed.

Tommy Spizza

Very Prompt & Reliable

Very prompt and reliable! Give me all the information i needed and upgrade my fire extinguisher and fire blanket with no trouble. Brilliant! Nice man and very helpful.

Leah Teasdale

Expert Service

Wayne provided a very prompt and expert service and took the time to talk us through the full process and other aspects outside of his service to ensure our facility was as safe as possible and fully compliant.

Ben Hibbert