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Francis Fire Protection Services supplies and installs high-quality fire extinguishers in Poynton and throughout the entirety of Cheshire. Fire extinguishers form a vital part of the overall fire safety plan for your business premises and ensure that you are complying with the latest fire safety regulations.

As a result, you’ll also have the peace of mind that you’ve done all you can in your power to protect your people and your building. 

Here at Francis Fire, we specialise in working with small to medium-sized businesses across a wide range of sectors including care homes, warehouses, factories, and private businesses. As well as carrying out fire extinguisher installations, we also carry out fire extinguisher servicing, repairs, supply fire safety equipment, and much more.

If you have any questions on anything to do with fire protection and safety, then please get in touch with us today on 01625 365 199 or use our contact form.

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fire extinguishers poynton

Fire Extinguisher Installations Poynton

When it comes to fire extinguisher installations in Poynton, look no further than Francis Fire Protection Services. Fire extinguisher installations are at the heart of everything we do so whether you are a start-up and need new extinguishers or a well-established business that need extinguisher replacements, we are here to help. All types of fire extinguisher installations carried out by Francis Fire Protection Services are in-line with British Standards BS5306-3 & 8:2017. Types of fire extinguishers we install for businesses including Water, Wet Chemical, Foam, Multi-Class, CO2 extinguishers, Powder, Lithium extinguishers, and many more. After installation, all extinguishers are fully commissioned and finished with ID signage.

There are clear processes and best practices set out by British Standards BS5306-3 & 8:2017 that work in line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This means that your business must undertake, update, and maintain a fire risk assessment to identify the individual fire risks present, classes of fire, how to reduce chance and severity of a fire occurring, and the required extinguishers to deal with a small undeveloped fire.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing Poynton

As well as fire extinguisher installations, we also undertake fire extinguisher servicing in Poynton and the surrounding areas. As a standard procedure, Francis Fire Protection Services usually asks customers that have undertaken fire extinguisher installation if they would like us to perform an annual servicing in-line with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which is agreed in most instances.

Annual fire extinguisher servicing ensures that your extinguisher(s) are kept in the best possible condition to provide maximum fire safety protection, but ultimately maintain full compliance in-line with the above fire safety law. Francis Fire are able to offer fire extinguisher servicing in Poynton for all types of extinguishers including Powder, Wet Chemical, Water, and many more.

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Yes, of course. Francis Fire Protection Services work with the most trusted and reliable fire equipment trade suppliers to supply only the best fire safety equipment in Poynton. Types of fire safety equipment includes fire extinguishers, accessories, fire safety signage, and fire escape equipment.

Francis Fire are your local and reliable fire extinguisher company that are committed to providing an excellent service for all businesses and customers throughout Poynton and Cheshire. We specialise in helping small to medium-sized business to ensure that we maintain the quality of of our service and of course, the personal touch that makes us different from our competitors.

It’s a great question and one we are asked all the time at Francis Fire. In-line with your Fire Risk Assessment and The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, all fire extinguishers should be serviced at least once annually to ensure they are in safe, compliant, excellent standard, and in full optimum working condition.

When it comes to the styles of fire extinguishers we supply and install, we have FOUR main options. Firstly, of course we have the standard, red-bodied solutions which ensure full compliance in-line with British Standards BS5306-3 & 8:2017. Other options which will suit different premises and requirements include Polished Gold, Antique Copper, and Stainless Steel extinguishers.

Yes, of course. We are always documenting our work so we can truly showcase our professionalism, attention to detail, and the difference we ar making for real businesses. Check out our case studies page here.

Of course. As well as case studies, we like to collect testimonials that truly highlights our level and standard of work. Find out more by heading over to our testimonials page here.

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